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    Ceasar salad

    chicken, little gem, anchovy, crouton, Parmesan and bacon

    beer suggestion: La Trappe Pure

    € 7,90


    a selection of our starters

    beer suggestion: La Trappe Double or La Trappe Blonde

    € 12,50

    Soup of the month

    € 6,50


    tomato, herb salsa and cream

    beer suggestion: Gueuze or Orval

    € 6,10

    Vegetarian Quiche

    filled with quorn and vegetables of the season

    beer suggestion: Rochefort 6

    € 9,50


    Baked goatcheese, honey, nuts, beetroot and artisan apricot-nut bread

    beer suggestion: Maredsous 6 or Omer

    € 10,50


    various fish, rouille, crostini, potato, vegetables, pepper and cream

    beer suggestion: Chimay Robijn

    € 12,00

    Fish plate, Captain Cook's

    salad with calamare, farce of scampi, marinated salmon, tuna salad

    beer suggestion: Erdinger Weissbrau

    € 11,00


    with a cheese crouton

    beer suggestion: De Koninck

    € 6,50

    Vitello tonato

    thinly sliced, slow cooked veal, grilled tuna and a mayonnaise of prawns

    beer suggestion: Groene Duvel of Vicaris Quinto

    € 12,50


    thinly sliced beef tenderloin / pine nuts / rocket / Parmesan cheese

    € 12,50


    baked goatcheese, honey, nuts, beetroot and artisan apricot nut bread

    beer suggestion: Maredsous 6 or Omer

    € 12,00


    Chorizo, serrano, lomo Iberico, carpaccio rolls with truffle mayonnaise, tapenade and artisan bread

    beer suggestion: Chimay Robijn

    € 12,50

    Main course

    Today’s special: Fresh from the market

    chosen by the chef and fine selected

    beer suggestion:

    market price

    Lamb in 2 ways

    Stewery of lam and grilled carree

    beer suggestion: Maredsous 10 or Pauwel Kwak

    € 21,90

    Grilled Black Angus Top Steak

    with your choice of sauce

    beer suggestion: Rochefort 10

    € 25,00


    Duck meat, cooked in goose fat with your choice of sauce

    beer suggestion: Maredsous 8

    € 19,50

    Saté Cook’s

    pork Tenderloin, gado gado, egg, atjar, onions, seroendeng

    beer suggestion: La Trappe Isid’or

    € 19,50

    Spare Ribs St. Louis Style

    American ribs with a lot of meat! and of course some fat

    beer suggestion: Brand IPA

    normal € 19,90 small € 16,00

    Today’s special: Catch of the Day

    beer suggestion:

    market price

    King prawn

    large shrimps, risotto, curry and mango

    beer suggestion: Arnulfus Tripel

    € 19,50

    Salmon fillet

    baked on the skin, served with a sauce of your choice

    beer suggestion: Westmalle Tripel

    € 21,00


    Fillet, smoked salmon, herb crouton, served with a sauce of your choice

    beer suggestion: La Chouffe

    € 21,00


    various fish, rouille, potato, vegetables, crostini, pepper and cream

    beer suggestion: Chimay Blauw

    € 18,50

    Risotto veggie Rice and your choice:

    with mushrooms & truffle or with sun dried tomatoes, served with Parmesan

    beer suggestion: La Chouffe

    € 16,50

    Crust dough vegetarian

    strudel, feta, spinach, forest mushrooms and truffle sauce

    beer suggestion: Murphy's Irish Red

    € 15,50

    Vegetarian wokdish

    seasonal wok vegetables, baked potato, nuts and goat cheese from Bettinehoeve

    beer suggestion: Maredsous 6

    € 18,00

    Surprise Menu

    Chefmenu 3 courses

    Be surprised by our creative kitchen team. You will have a delicious meal and a very nice evening Do you have an allergy reports in advance

    € 39,50

    Chefmenu 4 courses

    € 44,00

    Kids menu

    Kids menu

    for kids up to 10 years

    * small tomato soup
    * saté or fried chicken or ribs, served with frites and applesauce
    * ice cream

    € 9,50


    Crème bruleé

    Vanilla crème brûlée, straciatella ice cream and whiped cream

    beer suggestion: Karmeliet Tripel


    Panna cotta

    panna cotta of coffee with Baileys ice cream and fudge

    beer suggestion: Gulden Draak

    € 7,50

    Chocolate delight

    chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate crunch-ice-cream and vanilla cream

    beer suggestion: Rochefort 8, Gouden Carolus or Gueuze

    € 8,50

    Dame Blanche

    warm chocolate sauce and chocolate crumble

    beer suggestion: Mc Chouffe or Brugse zot Double

    € 5,50

    Dessert of the month

    beer suggestion:


    icecream and whiped cream

    beer suggestion: Liefmans Fruitesse, Liefmans Yell'ow or Gouden Carolus Tripel

    € 8,50


    Homemade apfelstrüdel with vanilla icecream, whiped cream and vanilla sauce

    beer suggestion: Trapist Zundert or Vicaris tripel/gueuze


    Children's ice cream

    vanilla ice cream / sauce off forest fruit / whipped cream

    € 3,50

    Cheece platter

    4 different cheeses, fig compote and apricot nut-bread

    beer suggestion: Chimay Blauw or Chimay Wit

    € 9,00

    Dessert drinks

    Dessertwine red

    Rietvallei Muscadel

    Dessertwine white

    Navarra Moscatel Sarasate

    Rode port

    Late Bottled Vintage Dow’s

    Rode Port

    Tawny 20 yrs Dow’s