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    Fresh Cocktails

    All cocktails are freshly home made.




    Brown rum with fresh mint and lime


    Absolut Vodka with several fresh juices and Ginger Ale


    Fresh lime, brown sugar and Cachaça rum.

    Piña Colada

    Bacardi rum, Batida de Coco, pine apple juice and whipped cream

    Long Island iced-tea

    Absolut Vodka, Gordon’s Dry Gin, Tequila, Cointreau and Bacardi rum, fresh lime juice and a little cola. Only if you can handle this!

    Blue Hawaii

    White Bacardi rum, blue curaçao, amaretto liqueur and delicious fruit juices

    Mojito (Non-Alcoholic)

    Fresh mint and fresh lime

    Bora-Bora (Non-Alcoholic)

    Several nice juices and Ginger Ale

    Martini Royale

    Martini Bianco, Prosecco, lime and frech mint & ice

    Hendrick's Gin & FeverTree Tonic

    with Ice & cucumber

    Tanqueray Gin & FeverTree Tonic

    with ice & lime

    Bobby’s Dry Gin & FeverTree Elderflower Tonic

    with orange and clove